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Scheduling secondary (i.e. regional) events at NABCS

There's been some discussion in the "Open DC" thread about 10/3 vs. 1/730 scheduling.  I thought it might be worth pulling that discussion out into a separate thread where it isn't buried.

My observation, in Washington and at past NABCs is that there are too many events competing for the same players at the same time.  When there are regional pairs, gold rush pairs, and regional teams all happening at the same time, none of the events gets much of a turn-out. When the same events are offered in both te frames, it's even worse.  

Example:  I played in the 1/730 bracketed round robin Flight B teams on a couple of days.  Typical turnout--2 brackets.  Same event at 10/3?  5-7 brackets.

Similar numbers for pair events.


It seems to me that these events are essentially cannibalizing one another.


Might it not make more sense to do something along the following lines--on one day, hold regional pairs at 10/3, teams at 1/730.  The next day, reverse it--teams at 10/3, pairs at 1/730.  Alternate the two plans for the whole week.


I'm sure we'd discover that one schedule (probably 10/3) was way more popular, but it would still mean bigger fields for the smaller games.



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