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Schwartz Wins Open BAM

TheSCHWARTZ team (Richie Schwartz - Allan Graves; Boye Brogeland - Epsen Lindqvist; Huub Bertens - Daniel Korbel) captured the Mitchell Open BAM tonight, just over one board ahead ofVAINIKONIS(Vainikonis - Wojcek; Gierulski - Skrzypczak; Pachtmann - Zatorski).

The final standings:

In the Baze Senior Knockout,KASLE (Kasle - Kozlove; Chambers - Schermer; Passell - Jacobus) andMELTZER (Meltzer - Mohan; Garner - Smith; Morse - Sutherlin) had big leads going into the last stanza. The trailing teams made inroads in the final quarter but were unable to take the lead. The event concludes tomorrow and will crown a new winner, as the defending champions, theGUPTA team, were defeated in the semifinals.

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