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Screen BIT

Since there has been some interest shown in the following situation, I'm going to present a hypothetical example for discussion:

First of all, assume no screens:


1:  Precision, 11-15, 5+ spades

4:  Any hand, maybe preemptive, maybe balanced with game-going values but no slam interest.  Opening bidder is expected to pass whatever he has.

There was a 2 minute huddle by North before he passed.

The 5 call turns out to be a success.

I think it is clear that:

1) There was UI (that is given)

2) The UI suggests bidding as opposed to passing

3) Pass is a logical alternative on the South hand

Let us also agree that 5 is not a crazy bid, just that pass is a LA.

Therefore, the contract should be rolled back to 4.

If you do not agree with these assessments, mentally make whatever changes you think necessary for the stipulated assessments to be accurate.

Of course if North had passed in tempo and unexpectedly East was the one thinking for 2 minutes (maybe East has some distributional freak), then South can do whatever he wants.

Now, consider the same situatiion with screens.  North and East are on the same side of the screen.  After the 4 bid is made, the tray is over on the North/East side of the screen for 2 minutes.  Same auction, same result.

As I see it, there are three possible rulings under these conditions:

1) Table result stands.  South couldn't know that North was the one who caused the BIT, so South can do what he wants.

2) Contract adjusted to 4.  It is overwhelmingly likely that North was the one with the problem, so South has UI which suggests bidding and passing is a LA.

3) Contract adjusted to 4 if as expected North was the one who caused the BIT, but result stands if East caused the BIT (assume the players agree who it was who caused the BIT)

How would you rule?


Table result stands
Contract adjusted to 4
Adjustment depends on who huddled
Something else

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