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Screen Design and Production

I remember some previous discussions of “better” screen design, but could find only a few threads, with relatively little information. I’m interested in people’s ideas on what’s wrong with the screens we now use and how that could be fixed. I think that the basic concept of the screens we now see in use – a diagonal barrier across the table that provides space for playing cards after the auction – is a good one. But I’m sure that our (both ACBL & WBF) implementation could be improved. So I’m seeking your thoughts.

How could screens be designed to work better?

What materials could be used that would save production costs and make them easier to handle?

Any other practical ideas?

This isn’t just random speculation. USBF may be acquiring our own tournament equipment, in order to reduce costs and effort by not having ship to and from Memphis every tournament. Screens are one of the things we need, so how to design and build them is of practical value.

Thanks for your input! Will it do any good for me to ask that this not include discussion of using electronic devices for all of the bidding and play? I know that we may go there some day, but I don't think it's now.

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