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Searching for a book

A long time ago I read a bridge book.  I thought it was by Edgar Kaplan - but the fact that I haven't been able to find it makes me doubt that.

Early on in the book, there was a 3N contract where one key suit was approximately:



West                            East

92                               K10873



East had opened the bidding in this suit and West led the 9.  Declarer needed to knock out the A-K in another suit (the A-K were split).

In the first rendition, the first trick went 9,Q,K,A.  West won the K of the other key suit and played the original suit back.  Down one.

In the second rendition (a little later in the book), the first trick went 9,Q,K but declarer ducked.  Making 3N

In the third rendition, the first trick went 9,Q but East ducked.  Down one.

In the fourth and final rendition, declarer ducked the first trick in both hands.  3N making.


Can anybody help me find this book?  At this point, I'm a bit worried that it wasn't a book at all - or that I dreamt the whole thing...



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