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Searching for Bobby Hamman

Over the weekend, while participating in holiday festivities, I was accosted by a family friend.

"Hey, Eugene!"

"Yes, uncle?" (In Chinese culture, all members of an older generation are referred to as "uncle" as a sign of respect, even if they aren't related at all.)

"I hear you and Helen are really into bridge."

"Um, you might say that."

"Well, I think it would be great if you could teach my grandkids how to play bridge. Could a smart 5-year-old learn?"

I opened my mouth to reply, then realized I had absolutely no idea. For chess, I remember stories of geniuses like Capablanca learning the moves at age four, or Fischer at age six, but not for bridge.

So I decided to ask you, our readers.  Just how old enough is appropriate to start teaching kids our great game? Did you teach them simpler card games at first, or did you plunge straight into the full rules of bridge? And when did you yourself learn the card game bridge?

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