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Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event

I know that many have liked and/or commented on Finn's reporting of a new U31 Junior Event.  I myself am one who "liked" the concept, as I'm someone who is always pondering ways to attract more young people to our game.

Yet, after reading some of the comments, I began to wonder if this event should be open to every player who is 31 or younger.

If the purpose of such an event is to attract people in their 20's who are just starting to play, then what will the competition be like if we have competitors in this event who have been playing for 20 years or so?

As someone mentioned on Finn's post, we have players who would be eligible to compete in U31 who have been playing for many years. And some of these U31's are exceptionally talented AND experienced competitors who have already beaten world class opponents and teams from around the world.

Perhaps if this concept truly moves forward, there should be some limits, based upon earned achievements, on who can enter a U31 Junior event?

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