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Seeking Partnership Bidding Hands for ACBL Bulletin Bidding Contest

I am looking for good partnership bidding problems for the Bidding Box column in the ACBL Bulletin.  If you have some candidates please email them to me at  If your hand is used I will include the source in the article, unless you prefer I don't.

The hands are scored at matchpoints, and should meet the following criteria:

  • There should be a clear cut hierarchy of best contracts, no slams on a finesse against silent opponents
  • Multiple strains are likely to be considered (though not absolutely necessary) 
  • No huge preempts that make finding the best contract a random guess
  • Opposing interference is welcome
  • Good part score deals are tough to find, so a premium on those!
That's about it!  All submissions gratefully appreciated, and I will respond to each one.   Thanks, Bruce
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