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Seen on BBO and another claim at the bridgeclub.

Hello! Today I watched BBO and saw a potential slam. (Not bid at the table)





If you are in 6 and LHO leads the queen.  How do you play? 



Yesterday I was at the bridge club when I heard about this claim case.


xxx - x x

xx - Ax x 



Spades was trumps and they where drawn long ago. 

At this stage, an inexperienced declarer claimed -:"You get two tricks, one club and one diamond, and I get the rest".

EW, almost as inexperienced as declarer leans forward and says -: What? 


Dummy, the pro, who knew more about declarers hand than declarer did, spoke up and said something like ' you can not lose any tricks you can not lose with normal play.'

Declarer insists, -:"I lose one diamond and one club".  The TD ruled 2 tricks to EW. The pro was not happy.


Back to the slam. With the ace of hearts away, trumps must be 3-2 unless.....


The distribution today was the classic one. East had J9xx and West had the T singleton.

I first read about that one in Jeff Rubens fantastic article 'Theatre of the absurd'.

Declarer should play trumps from dummy.  A good East might visualise AKTx in south and play the 9.

As matter of fact I heard one of Swedens best card players ever, Jörgen Lindkvist who died far to early in cancer, telling me he was East once against Michael Lebel. 

Lebel led low from dummy, and Jörgen played the 9.

Alas, when Jörgens partner followed with the 10, Michael won next trump trick in dummy, and after finessing the Jack said to Jörgen -: "To much Reese". :)

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