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Selection Committee or National Title? Gimme One Good Reason....

Frances Hinden opened this door with her thoughtful post Men's Bridge. 



If there is just a straight trial, winner takes all, then one simply picks on the results. As soon as someone adds subjectivity into the decision, all sorts of unknowns creep into the equation. If you asked any number of selectors to start ranking players in order of strength based purely on their own opinions, then they will very rarely agree perfectly. Selection committees over time have been predominantly male so these factors can't be completely discounted, particularly given the far more overtly sexist attitudes of many years ago. (Frances Hinden)


In Canada we have "the straight trial". The Canadian National Teams Trials (CNTC). Obviously it is different in the UK and many other jurisdictions. We call that "the mail in" as you could mail in the result without having to play. Just curious, please tell us how your national team is chosen. 

In a recent CNTC, a team laden with superstar talent (including Fred Gitelman, Eric Kokish, Leslie Amoils, Daniel Korbel, Darren Wolpert and Danny MIles. 

IMHO, this is the cream of the crop of Canadian bridge and they surely would have been "selected", after all, on most rubrics they stood head and shoulders above the crowd.

A funny thing happened and they were trounced and eliminated.

This "trial" produced the best team at this event. I am proud to applaud any team that emerges victorious. (Sorry Fred, I wagered on you...... ;) )

And this is part of the beauty of our game. I beat Barry. It can happen. 

This format eliminates any bias towards anyone.

We have seen the corruption at FIFA and other competitive (sports)venues where administrators lined their pockets to satiate their greed and defile the proper process. A championship event helps (won't say guarantees) to mitigate that possibility. No one can buy the title, except by hiring or recruiting superior talent. Not an envelop in the back room bursting with cash. I am not claiming that has happened. I am saying why allow for that possibility? 

As Frances said, "winner take all." What tournament does not share that format? 

"Selection" opens the floodgates to corruption and bias, real or imagined. A competition reveals the best at this particular event. It is cleansing, fresh, without prejudice, allowing the faintest of hopes (like me) to one day dream about slaying the dragon. 

Yes, this could be a poll. But I prefer this format in the hope that it generates discussion, debate and perhaps a reconsideration by some nations to re-evaluate the process by which a national team is crowned. It should be earned - not bestowed.







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