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Separate or combine INV and GF major raises?

Andrew Gumperz describes the potential benefits of combining invitational and game forcing major suit raises in "Limited Bidding: Reengineering Jacoby 2NT"

Combining the invitational and game forcing raises changes the risk/reward for intervention by the opponents.  However, it removes the forcing pass in many situations where the opponents do intervene at a high level.  

The question of combining invitational and game forcing major suit raises is important in contested auctions and uncontested auctions.  In a contested auction, where you are more likely to get high level competition, the decision to change the risk/reward for high level intervention versus exchange more information to make the right high level decision is that much more critical.

In a recent high-level BBO game, commentators seemed shocked to see the auction begin 1-3 (inv+ raise) and expressed no surpise at all to see an auction begin 1-(2)-3 (inv+ raise).  It seemed odd the commentator saw no parallels between the two auctions.

I thought it would be interesting to see how the BridgeWinners community prefers to handle the question of combining invitational and game forcing major suit raises with and without competition.  Certainly, there are many ways to separate invitational raises and game forcing raises if you wish to do so. 

To keep the poll responses more manageable, the poll focuses on intervention with an overcall below 2M rather than a takeout double or higher level overcall.  

Separate after pass or overcall
Separate after pass, combined after overcall
Combined after pass, separate after overcall
Combined after pass or overcall
No preference and/or don't care

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