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Several Possibilities- Common Game Yesterday Bd. 25

Rather than pose a single bidding problem, I thought a discussion of the many choices based on conventions would be worthwhile.

MAtchpoints RvspW you are playing with a friend who is highly competent but a very infrequent partner.  You are playing a basic vanilla 2/1GF (Walsh style)and are please to hear partner open 1 as you look at K875 AT43 A3 KQ7.  So you make a “normal” 2NT Jacoby call, with something in reserve, and are thrown a damper when partner bids 3.   You have not agreed on cueing methods and are not playing either 3NT serious or “non-serious”.

So here are some questions:

1.  Has the 3 bid turned you off so much that you won’t cuebid?

2. If you choose to cuebid, is it first round control (4) or cheaper control (4)?  Is it a function of whether you will bid 5m over partner’s 4 signoff.

3. If you do play serious 3NT,  do you bid 3NT or cue, and if cue, which?

4. Reverse 3. For non-serious 3NT?

5. other General comments?


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