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SF NABC Trip Report

I would like to make something clever, humorous etc. but lack the time.

My performance: Disappointing to lousy. Nice finish in a Regional Pairs. Second day of BRP. Otherwise, yuck.

Hotel room: excellent and reasonable value given it was SF.

Playing areas: Off the charts great for ACBL event. Excellent lighting throughout. Temperature was fine everywhere in the rooms. Uncharacteristically wonderful.

Competition: Great players everywhere and many, many young and advancing players from the local area. Youth bridge is alive and well in NorCal.

Surrounding neighborhood: Trader Joe's right across the street without a doubt the best of it.

Directors/Staff: No problems for me on this front.

Worst of it: Broke my foot on Monday night.  Hobbled myself two blocks down to Sutter Urgent Care on Wednesday morning when I finally realized that even I was not going to ignore that pain forever. After x-rays confirmed what I already knew about my own body, for all those who said, "If it's broken you wouldn't be walking on it" I told you so. Finally, surrender to fact that I would need double NS and stationary in teams throughout remainder of tournament.

Great job by the D21 volunteers and the rest of the organizing staff and volunteers. Fabulous tournament. Great job ACBL picking Vegas and SF Marriott Marquis for this year's NABCs.

See you in Columbus, maybe Montreal, probably not Tampa.

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