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Shape, strength or quality?

I am revisiting part of our system.  The bidding starts 1 - 1NT - 2/2/2, where:

1 is either clubs (RO19+) or any 15-22 NT

1NT is 4+clubs, no 4CM and values to force to 2NT - usually 12+ HCP or equivalent.

2/2/2 show a 5+ suit, either the 5 in a 5332 or the second suit with longer clubs.  In the balanced option, 5(332) can be 15-22, 5(332) cand be 19-22 and 5(332) is 21-22.

Responder now relays to ask for clarification and with the balanced hand opener rebids NT.  The question is how to procede with the two-suited hand.

I know very little about relay systems but, from what I have read, exact shape seems to have priority over strength or suit quality, but I'm unsure whether this still applies when the shape is known to be at least 6-5.  

The current thinking is to show shape as follows:

With 6 clubs, opener rebids the second suit to show 6511 or bids the doubleton to show 6520

With 7 clubs, opener bids 3, responder relays with 3 then 3/3/3NT show lower singleton, higher singleton, no singleton, thus covering both 7510's and 7600.

With the highly unlikely 8500, opener rebids 4


So, the poll asks "Is showing shape the best approach?"  Given that we would open a 6-5 8-count if all points are in the long suits, would strength or suit quality be better, leaving exact shape aside?


Advice would be appreciated.



Shape - your way is fine
Shape - here is a better way
Strength - please give details
Suit Quality - please give details
Other - please explain

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