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Shooting only against certain opponents. Legal? Ethical?

I play in a local club game every week because it's managed and directed by friends and only ten minutes away. The field is among the weakest I've ever played against and it's also the most random I've ever seen.

Two weeks ago, my partner and I had what should have been at least a 65% game, but it was actually 53.61%. When I looked over the scores, we had been completely fixed SIX times and got one gift. That's enough to get my attention. If anyone cares, I'll post the hands.

I've always known that opponents play differently at my table. When I look at their results at other tables, it's quite obvious. If they're giving away gifts at every other table and finishing with a 35% - 43% game, but  shooting at my table and a few other of the strongest pairs, something's wrong.

Two weeks ago, a player opened a vulnerable weak-two bid with six to the ten spot and two side aces. After the hand, he told me that he does things like that because it's his best chance to get a good result at my table.

It feels like cheating to me. The Laws state that you must play to win on every hand. Let's say that top-or-bottom shots result in an average of 50% over a period of time. Is playing for a 50% board playing to win? I think not.

I sent an email to the club manager, asking her to forward it to the club membership list. It explained why you should play your best bridge on every hand and at every table. It was ignored.

Has anyone else dealt with this successfully?

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