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Should bridge authorities be able to tell us what we can bid?

I do not think it at all unreasonable for playing conditions to list banned conventions or systems-and I doubt many would disagree even though there might be a case for some events to be no holds barred.  Recently there have been articles where for example opening 1NT with a small singleton--defined as J and below-is not allowed by the ACBL, and I know psyching your sides strong bid is not allowed.  Personally I think bidding 1NT with a singleton is a bad idea and psyching my sides strong bid is equally bad. That said I can see no reason why the sponsoring authority has any reason or right to tell anyone they cannot do something like this.  I will not argue about thier right to ban conventions ar systems but I think it legitimate to challenge any area where they try and tell players how to bid.  So my question is:


Should playing regulations be allowed to deem illegal bids like 1NT with a small singleton or psyching your sides strong bid?



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