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Should I be lookiing to report this behavior? (Part 1)

At a recent tournament, RHO revoked when I was trying to set up dummy's long suit.

It did not matter, I had spare trumps and entries so I could play another round of the suit to ruff out LHO's supposed winner and then re-enter dummy to get the discard that I required. RHO swiftly conceded, turned his cards face down, boxed them up and started to shuffle.

I said that he had revoked and he agreed and pointed out that I had won all of the remaining tricks so it did not matter.

Nothing to see here, move along, just some dude not being all that good at following suit.

Except that three months ago, the same thing had happened. I was declarer after a transfer auction so dummy had the long trumps. RHO - the same RHO - showed out when there were two outstanding trumps. That made me draw an extra round of trumps on which both defenders discarded. I had good trumps on the table so it did not matter and RHO conceded at trick 10 and quickly boxed his cards and started to shuffle.

There is a pattern here. Should I be trying to get it recorded?

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