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Should I be looking to report this behavior? (Part 2)

There are two trumps outstanding. Queen little. I have Jxxx on table and A10x in hand.

I can see no way to get an idea of the disposition of the remaining trumps so I lead the Jack from dummy.

RHO takes several seconds to play a small trump so I try a finesse and it fails.

I know that I can get no redress for this but at the end of play I comment that I am uncomfortable about the length of time that it took RHO to play his then stiff small trump. LHO pounces: "he always plays like that"

Well, he had not done so for the rest of that board or the one that preceded it. Nor did he do so for the third board of the round.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that RHO was intentionally coffee housing and that LHO was awake to this and was trying to cover up.

Should I just suck this up or should I be trying to find a way to report this action?


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