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Should I have been harsher?

Two rulings in the last two weeks.


1)  A player is suspected of revoking.  When I arrive at the table, he has picked up his last 5 cards preventing me from seeing the revoke, though the cards seemed to be in his hand in the order the opponents claimed they were played.     I ruled that he had in fact revoked as claimed, and cautioned that if he wanted a chance to win vs future claims, he needed to leave his cards alone until the director could establish facts.       Should I have assigned a penalty as well as awarding the revoke trick?  (there was no evidence that he "shuffled" the last 5 cards)

2)  A player makes an insufficient bid.     2N P 2  alerted as a transfer to clubs.     Not a mispull, and not accepted.   Having heard her options, she chose to bid 3.   Since 3 would be Stayman, her partner was barred, and she managed to play a contract she could not otherwise have played.     I ruled that if 3 was a winning contract, equity would be restored.     3 was not a winning contract, and 4 would have made.   4 and 3N also makes.      Should I have assigned a penalty?

I am feeling like I should have given extra penalties and that my fear of losing club players may have influenced me to be soft.

Does the reputation of either player make a difference?

No penalties
Penalty on 1)
Penalty on 2)
Penalty on Both
I don't know
Something more serious than a penalty is in order.

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