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Should prolific flaggers be counselled, investigated, audited, or at least identified?

I have one question and one suggestion on this topic.


Firstly, we have the situation of posts or responses being 'flagged off' because they don't meet with the approval of certain people.  What is the criterion for removal of a post in response to it being flagged.  That is, how many people need to flag it before it is removed?

Secondly I have had more than one post 'flagged off' on what I believe are very tenuous grounds, which I consider represent the social mores of the flaggers themselves, who are probably not representative of the population, or even the bridge population, as a whole. I do not include a recent post about Donald Trump which was removed because I recognise this was outside the parameters of expected material on the site.  What I DO object to was one or two (I haven't checked) posts I wrote about male-female partnerships in bridge and some of the dynamics thereof.  The fact that these were removed on the grounds of 'sexism' I find laughable, and highly naive on the part of the remover.  Without looking back, these were in no way sexist, at least in the estimation of a typical person in the population, would be my assessment.

I am of the opinion that there are a number of zealous flaggers on the site who do not sleep much but spend their time like the Wombles of Wimbledon Common, doing good works so the rest of the BW community can sleep soundly at night.  But I would like to see a list of the most frequent flaggers with the number of flags they make per month (though we should I guess respect their anonymity and not requre to see the posts that they have flagged).  Such a list would no doubt be illuminating.  Has is ever occurred to you ultra-zealous flaggers may have problems of their own, and not represent the population as a whole?  Maybe some of them are in need of counselling.  The fact that they flag frequently clearly puts them outside the boundaries of the population as a whole.

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