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Should the ACBL Change How it Controls Bidding Conventions?

With apologies to all BW users who are not members of the ACBL.  However, you opinion matters here too.  Please share what you think!

There have been many topics of conversation in BW and BBO about player dissatisfaction with ACBL restrictions on bidding systems. There's palpable desire to innovate and to stay abreast with the what the rest of the world does. Perhaps if we put our minds to it, we can change how ACBL manages change.  Perhaps there's a global model we can help create.  First things first...

Here are the elements of a nascent proposal for your consideration:

1) Define treatments and conventions clearly.  Allow all treatments.

2) Define GCC for use in NLM (299er, 199er, 99er, 49er, Newcomer) or A/B/C/D flighted events where NLM players are playing. Make NLMs the dividing line. GCC must be used for Gold Rush events.

3) Allow all conventions for A/X events at all levels (club, sectional, regional, national).

4) Require pre-publication of conventions on the web with sufficient detail for others to defend and for all to adapt. Say, 6 months prior to use in a Regional or higher tournament.  ACBL would host this database (and enable peer review).  

5) Encourage players to offer defenses to novel conventions.  ACBL would make this part of the conventions database.

6) Allow all systems pre-published 6 months in advance of any National competition.  This includes Forcing Pass.  This requires full disclosure and recommended defenses.  ACBL would manage this database.

Failure to disclose means methods are barred. PROOF: web site reference.  

Failure to provide defenses means methods are barred. PROOF: web site reference. 

Providing faulty. self-serving defenses bar methods and players.  

Allow Clubs to restrict/enable methods as they see fit.  Encourage clubs and sectionals to offer A/X play to tournament players.  

I leave the fine language barring purely destructive approaches to bridge lawyers (e.g. we bid 4 whenever anyone opens a Schenken 2 bid; we overcall 1 on any 13 cards after your strong ). I'm sure you have others in mind.  Let's hear what they are!

What say you?

Do Not Change what the ACBL does today
Protect NLMs. Allow specific published covnentions
Protect NLMs. Allow any published convention.
Protect NLMs. Allow any convention.
Allow any published approach. Protect no one.
Allow any approach. Protect no one.
Other: See comments

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