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Should undo's be permitted in BBO tournaments?

In one of the recent multi-day, many team BBO tournaments (in which I did not participate), an opening lead was made, after dummy came down the leader asked for an undo, declarer did not permit the undo, play proceeded and the lead proved not to affect the result, but the leader proceeded to berate declarer for being "unsportsmanlike" in front of several hundred kibitzers. Needless to say, this leads to bad feelings and ill-will.

One of the "advantages"(?) of BBO is that revokes, insufficient bids and leads out of turn are not possible. BBO also provides a setting that allows a player to "confirm" one's bid or play (in effect double clicks) to avoid a misclick.

On the one hand, mistakes are a part of the game. If as a result of inattention a player plays the wrong card, that is such a mistake. On the other, we are playing for fun and no one wants a silly result due to a misclick.

Annie and I have been playing our own private team games against players who are not in established partnerships. Our practice has been to allow undo's and discussions across the table to achieve the "bridge result." But that is all by mutual agreement.

It is not possible to achieve mutual agreement in an event with 50+ teams.  Some of these tournaments have swiss qualifying where being magnanimous may affect the results at one table but changes the VP score affecting other teams in determining qualification.

There are several options. The tournament sponsor can determine in advance whether undo's are permitted. BBO allows this selection as an option. Alternatively, the team captains, at the start of the match, can decide on whether or not to allow undo's. If they don't come to an agreement, the conditions of contest could provide a default.

In large organized tournaments online,

Undo's should not be allowed
Undo's should be automatically permitted
Undo's should be at the discretion of the opponents
Undo's should be agreed to by team captains

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