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Signaling question

Trick one vs. Suit Contracts: When a side suit is led and dummy has a singleton, what is the "standard" definition of third hand's signal?  Obviously, assume no need for 3rd hand high, so that the card is defined as a signal.

Also assume no specific partnership agreement about this situation.

If you believe there is a significant international geographical divide, please answer based on ACBL-land. 

If you believe there is no clear answer without an agreement, but think there is a definite most common agreement, then please answer based on what you think to be the most common agreement.

Please interpret "Suit Preference" as follows:  High for the higher-ranking side suit, low for the lower-ranking side suit, middle for something else.  The something else might be just neutral suit preference, or encouraging, or maybe even asking for a trump.

Please interpret "Attitude" as high or low (depending on Std vs. Upside down) being encouraging, and other cards discouraging.  For the sake of this question, please don't worry about subtleties such as how many cards have been promised by third hand.  Such subtleties would almost certainly require a partnership agreement, and I'm trying to find out what people consider "standard"



Suit Preference
Other (but remember I am asking what is "Standard", not your preferred agreement)

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