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"Signs" of the times!

Lots of good comments on the great new Zero Tolerance signs the ACBL is using regarding behaviour that interferes with people’s enjoyment of the game. Let’s hope everyone will help out and follow through now by calling the director whenever necessary.

When the signs were first put into use at the Phoenix NABC, someone went around and defaced them by adding an “ly” at the end of the slogan “Play nice”. Someone, I suppose, who wanted to flaunt their knowledge of grammar – not entirely unlike flaunting one’s bridge prowess at the table.

And someone who also has never heard of “phrasal verbs”, the usage of which is now very common in modern English. Would anyone say of a hockey player that “He plays dirtily” ? Phrasal verbs are often used as well to complete a thought beginning with “Be……” as in “Be nice to your mother-in-law when she’s visiting”. Hopefully the one who ruined the signs in Phoenix would not say “Be nicely”. So when it says “Play nice” on the signs, it means “Be nice while you’re playing”. And so, to the misguided grammarpolice-person who defaced the signs, be nice as well when you’re anywhere in the playing area -try to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

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