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Simon de Wijs


Simon de Wijs has been playing bridge since 1992 and has been very successful, especially since he teamed up with Bauke Muller in 2001. They play a highly artificial system called the Tarzan Club, named after Johnny Weismuller whose last name combines the two players’ last names. He has won five national championships and two Open European Championships.

Simon combines his job as an IT-consultant with playing professional bridge and is married with three children.

  • BBO name : Sm1
  • Residence : Hoorn, Holland
  • Date of Birth : January 20, 1974
  • Favorite Convention : Non-serious 3NT
  • Regular Partner : Bauke Muller
  • Year Place Event
    2010 1 9th European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
    2009 5 39th World Team Championships (Open Teams)
    2009 1 4th European Open Championships (Open Teams)
    2008 5 1st World Mind Sports Games (Open Teams)
    2007 3 38th World Team Championships (Open Teams)
    2007 3 3rd European Open Championships (Open Teams)
    2006 5 48th European Team Championships (Open Teams)
    2006 2 5th European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
    2005 1 2nd European Open Championships (Open Teams)
    2005 4 2nd European Open Championships (Open Pairs)
    2003 3 36th World Team Championships (Transnational Teams)
    2000 1 1st Eoc Bridge Tournament (Open Teams)
    1996 5 15th European Youth Team Championships (Junior Teams)


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