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Sjoert Brink


Sjoert Brink has been successful with Bas Drijver since they were young, winning several national and international tournaments, including the IOC Grand Prix Junior Teams in Salt Lake City in 2002. He has been part of the national team since 2004, and his greatest successes include winning the European Champions Cup in 2010 and winning the Open European Championships in 2009.

Sjoert is a full time bridge professional who also likes to play tennis, squash and other card games. His biggest disappointment in life is that he went all the way to South Africa to see the Dutch soccer team lose in the final against Spain. He is the father of a son and a daughter.

  • BBO name : Sjoertbr
  • Residence : Rotterdam, Holland
  • Date of Birth : February 19, 1981
  • Favorite Convention : Brink
  • Regular Partner : Bas Drijver
  • Year Place Event
    2011 2 Jacoby Open Swiss
    2010 1 9th European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
    2010 2 Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs
    2009 3 4th European Open Championships (Open Pairs)
    2009 1 4th European Open Championships (Open Teams)
    2009 5 39th World Team Championships (Open Teams)
    2007 3 38th World Team Championships (Open Teams)
    2007 3 3rd European Open Championships (Open Teams)
    2006 2 5th European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
    2005 5 4th European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
    2004 2 12th World Team Olympiad (Open Teams)
    2002 2 11th World Championships (Junior IMP Pairs)
    2002 1 4th Ioc Grand Prix (Junior Teams)
    2001 2 4th World Junior Pairs Championship (Junior Pairs)
    2000 4 1st World University Team Championship (University Teams)
    2000 2 17th European Youth Team Championships (Junior Teams)
    1998 2 16th European Youth Team Championships (Schools Teams)


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