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Slice and Dice and Loop Those YouTube Clips

For what it's worth, possibly this trick will be useful to somebody. It’s a method to snip a segment of a YouTube video, and loop it. There are 3rd party sites that do some of this for you, but I wasn’t happy with any of them.

Here’s an example from 2014 EC Israel-Norway, from page 2 of Kit’s The Videos Speak. It’s a few-second loop of Schwartz asking for a heart. Allegedly. YouTube itself isn’t particularly user-friendly for small backwords and forwards, and a loop can be useful.

The actual link is

which I will rewrite as

(NOTE: Above I typed youtube.cAm to switch off the danged auto-linker)

Use the above as your link 'template'. You need to replace three items (plus use cOm not cAm). VIDEO_ID is a weird looking identifier assigned by YouTube and appearing TWICE in the template. In this case the identifier is WuztBesThD4. You can find the identifier by going to, searching for "hungary norway 2014 EBTC". When there, you can mouse the YouTube URL .. text-box thing at browser top-left starting "https or http" .. then browse that line for the odd-looking ID. Maybe a YouTube expert knows an easier way.

START_TIME is the beginning of the loop .. in SECONDS only. END_TIME is you guessed it. In our example above, we're starting at second 638 (10:38) and ending at second 645 (10:45).

Now that I read this, it reads way harder to do, than it is to just do it. Start with the template, cut and paste the ID, and you're off to the races.

Better not ask any techie questions, because I won't be able to answer them.

Possibly somebody knows how to improve the heck out of this.

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