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Slightly unusual weak 2 - how to disclose?

A partner and I play slightly unusual weak 2 bids (of 2, 2, and 2) as follows:

Weak 2 bids promise less than an opening hand, a 6+ card suit, and at least 1.5 defensive tricks (which implies at least 7 HCP).  A hand with a 7 card suit is usually opened at the 2 level if it has 1.5 defensive tricks.  A weak 2 can contain a second suit.

A 2N response to a weak 2 asks primarily for additional distribution.  After a 2N response, a new suit by opener is 4+, a jump in a new suit is 5+, and a jump in the original suit shows 7+.

Note that, on frequency, most weak 2 openings are normal weak 2s, and most normal weak 2s are also opened as a weak 2 by us.

Negative inferences exist for both 1 and 3 level openings.  Preempts at the 3 level tend to (but do not always, particularly if vulnerable) deny 1.5 defensive tricks, and (particularly nonvulnerable) a fair number of 3 level preempts will be 6 card suits without 1.5 defensive tricks.  Some 10 or 11 HCP hands that many players would open with a 1 bid are opened with a 2 bid instead.

How should we disclose this?  Should anything be alerted?  This is in the ACBL.


EDIT: On frequency grounds, the 3 level preempts are actually distorted much more than the weak 2 bids.  Should those be alerted?  What about the rebids after 2N?

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