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Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification

I have a few questions and suggestions regarding North American Pairs.  

Warning - This is exceedingly unlikely to be of interest to anyone outside of ACBL territory, and quite possibly not to anyone in ACBL territory either.


1) Is there an easy way to find out whether one has qualified in a club game?   I understand that most people are probably aware when they play in a club qualifier and qualify, but trust me, not everyone is.

I tried to help a few different players answer this question this year, and there didn't seem to be any easy way.  Will Watson was able to check for their names in a bunch of games at once on the Palo Alto Bridge Center computer, but only for certain days of the week at that one bridge center.

Surely this should be easier.  I would think the info should show up in MyACBL, and also that an alphabetized list should be posted by Unit of who has qualified.


2) After the unit qualifiers take place, how does one find out whether one has qualified for the district final?  

Again, most folks probably know this, but some may not remember whether they played a unit qualifier, or how they did.  

It happened last year in our district - a pair decided last minute that they wanted to play the District final, and couldn't remember whether they'd qualified.  They contacted the district's NAP coordinator, who didn't know either, and didn't seem to have any easy way to look it up.  

Upon the coordinator's advice, they went to play anyway.   By the end of the day, it was somehow ascertained that they had not qualified at the Unit level, so they were disqualified from playing the second day of the final (they had a high enough score to Q for the second day) 

Note - I am aware that many (most?) districts no longer have Unit qualifiers, and go straight from club to district level.  Here in D21 we have  Unit qualifiers.  Players who have qualified at the club can try to qualify in any Unit qualifier in the district, but only one.

Again, it seems like this info should be in MyACBL, and also that there should be an alphabetical list by District as to who has qualified, and for which flight(s).

There was a case in our district a few years ago where a pair qualified for nationals in the district final, and it later became known that they'd never played a club qualifier (I can't remember whether they forgot, or had reason to believe they were exempt).   They were disqualified.

It feels like this should easily avoided, by making it simple for the players to check.  If they fail to do so, and get as far as entering the next level, I'd assume the system would flag them as not qualified as soon as their ACBL numbers were entered. 


3) Why isn't NAP better publicized?   It seems like most folks at my club, especially those who would play in the lower flights, barely know of the event's existence, beyond the club qualifiers.

Maybe I don't understand how the email program works, but I get a lot of emails from ACBL, many of which are relevant to me and seem to be targeted.

Given that, it seems to me like it would be simple and effective to send targeted emails to those who qualify at each level of NAP.  I would start by congratulating them on qualifying, and then would explain the next steps.  

Maybe this is done in some units/districts, but I don't recall ever seeing anything like it.

Even before the club level, could there be better publicity?  Again, my vote would be for targeted emails.   This year several people I know wanted to play at the unit level, but almost didn't qualify at the club because it wasn't on their mind over the summer. 

Next year I plan to make a point of sending around the local club game dates to those I know would want to qualify.  Of course I'd rather see the ACBL do it for everyone:)


4) Let's say I play a Unit Qualifier with a partner who is eligible for Flight B, which I am not.  We have a good enough score to qualify for the Flight A District Final.  Would my partner also be able to play with a Flight B eligible partner in the Flight B final, assuming said partner qualified in a Unit Qualifier?  Or would playing with me mean that they qualify only to continue in Flight A?  

Same question for club qualifiers.  Can my partner qualify for B, or even C?  At the club it's not a big deal, since they can play more than one.  For the Unit level, since each player can try only one qualifier, this seems more problematic.


Thanks to anyone who is reading this and cares enough to answer.  I am hopeful that the ACBL can make some changes to help promote this event.

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