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So, now that another dozen or so titles are tainted

I wonder whether we can have a more serious discussion about electronic playing environments?

I have been arguing since the Tenerife scandal that top level bridge needs to switch to an electronic playing environment. I believe that the combination of

1. Physical separation of players and

2. Perfect record keeping

is an incredibly powerful combination in preventing cheating. Historically, there has been a lot of push back against this idea from players who believe that it is important to protect the social aspect of the game, preserve table feel and the like.

I suspect that the sheer number of majority events that have been tainted by the two most recent disclosures, I hope that folks eyes are now open regarding the intrinsic costs associated with preserve the Face-to-Face playing environment.

Equally significant, I want to point out that video feeds are USELESS in detecting pairs that are using electronic devices to pass signals.

We now have near definitive proof that top level players have been cheating in and repeatedly winning championship level events. However, I am more convinced than ever that we are only catching the "stupid" cheats who are using blatant visual or audio based signals.

If people care about the integrity of the game, we need to switch to an electronic playing environment.

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