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Softening The Blow

Simple scenario --

In the finals of a regional compact KO you play absolutely lights out and your opps know it. Let's say it's a 'pro' team and the client seat has been tasked with many of the problems you have conquered.

Knowing they will need a miracle to win, they swing for it on the last board and ring up a telephone number -- you collect your +∞ but offer to score it as a 'normal' result if it doesn't change the outcome of the match.

Meaning they can go back to compare with their teammates using the 'normal' result if you still win -- just waiting to score that board last.

Questionable -- I'd do it
Questionable -- I wouldn't do it
Indifferent -- I'd do it
Indifferent -- I wouldn't do it
Cordial -- I'd do it
Cordial -- I wouldn't do it

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