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Something bothering me about bridge...

I would like to raise an issue that has bothered me for quite some time, that is the problem of players looking into opponents' hands. I have personally witnessed this pernicious behavior on far too many occasions over the years that I have played tournament bridge. Sadly, I have seen so-called professionals engage in this behavior.  They seem to be fully aware that they can try to look at their opponents' cards with effective impunity, as the charge is essentially not provable. Whenever I raise the issue, I am typically told, "Yeah, there are sharks who will look in your hand, so just be careful and hold your hand way back from the table." I find this unsatisfactory, as some people have vision problems or other infirmities that make them vulnerable. It's sad to witness an opponent try to take advantage of such a situation, but I have personally seen it more than I'd like. It's just flat-out sad that some players do something so deeply unethical as looking at their opponents' cards to try to gain an advantage--and make no mistake, the advantage that can be gained is, obviously, enormous. I wish that there was something that could be done about this, but I'm sadly resigned to the probable answer of "basically nothing."

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