Join Bridge Winners is time to consider an electronic Bridge Bulletin & Daily Bulletin?

I brought this up about 6 months ago before we got the bad news about our recent financial results. 2018 was bad; 2019 looks to be a similar outlook.

Is it time to consider scrapping the paper version of the ACBL publications?

Looking at the 2017 Financial Statements at, here are some of the approximate costs of the publications:


Monthly Bulletin: Printing $650K; shipping: $450K

NABC Daily Bulletin: Printing $150K (unclear how much of this is hand records vs newsprint, but I'll assume $100K)


Basically, we can save over $1.2M of annual expenses by making this an online-only publication. Even if we assume advertising revenue is reduced, there is still over $1M of net benefit by eliminating this cost. 


Yes, we all like to get it in the mail, read it for a few days...but then it either goes into some bookshelf or into the recycling bin. 

There would be no change in content or timing, just that instead of having the paperless version + the hard copy mailed to you, there would only be the online version.

I'd rather save money to have lower fees - Bring on the E-Bulletin!
No. The only reason I pay my dues is to get a paper Bulletin!
Not an ACBL Member - I don't get the Bulletin

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