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Spaces on bidding slips

I played in a pairs tournament at the weekend and, as is not unusual in NZ, bidding slips were in use.

I played two boards against each pair and one particular pair caused me concern as they filled out their section in the bidding slip.

On the first board, they wrote each call in the first available space in their part of the bidding slip.

On the second board, they both started out by using the first available space but then at their second turn to call, each skipped one space and wrote their call leaving an empty space between their first and second calls. At their third turn to call, one player wrote his bid in the first available space after the second call and the other once more skipped a space.

What should I do?

Forget about it.
Speak to the opponents about it.
Call the TD.
Submit a recorder memo.
Other - perhaps a combination of two or more of the above.

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