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My wife and I decided to play 3 days in the upcoming Louisville-Lexington (Kentucky) Regional. It is actually held in Elizabeth, Indiana just across the Ohio River from Louisville KY. The Regional used to alternate between Louisville and Lexington, but about 20 years ago the Louisville Unit began hosting all of the Regionals, apparently a monetary arrangement between the two Units. This will only be the second time we have attended. Previously it was impossible to go because of work, but now I am retired. Was a lot more convenient when Lexington had the Regional, about a 10 mile trip versus the current 110 mile trip.

Nonetheless, we are going to play November 5-7. Sunday I mention to my wife that the tournament flyer says this is the last day to get the Special Bridge Rate at the host hotel, Horseshoe  southern Indiana Hotel and Casino. She calls, gives the Special Bridge Code. The price is $92 a night plus $15 a night Resort fee + taxes. (Higher for Friday and Saturday).

"What's the rate without the Special Bridge Code?"

"$69 a night."

"You mean its cheaper without the Code?"

"Yes. Do you want the $69 rate?"

She looks at me, I say NO! 

"No, we are not interested. Thank you. Goodbye."

I booked it on Travelocity for $59.

You know, its past the deadline but I bet we could still get the SPECIAL BRIDGE RATE if we asked.

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