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STaC Swiss Master Point Awards

We run a monthly Swiss Team event on Wednesday Nights.  It is the only Open evening bridge at our club.  We attract up to 30 teams.  It is Flighted as Open, 0-1000, 0-50.  We also run a quarterly Swiss Teams on Sunday afternoon.  That is Flighted as Open, 0-2000, 0-50.

We just held a STaC and (luckily) ran our monthly Swiss. I say luckily because of a unique STaC rule.  Since STaCs have multiple sites, frequently running into 100 plus tables, Conditions of Contest that Open games receive no points for concurrent limited events. 

 Though Swiss events are required to be single site events, this rule is applied to them as well.

Running my monthly Swiss, at least the Open game received more points than the concurrent limited event.

Had I run my last Sunday Swiss (6,14,9 tables) the master points would have been, Open 2.67, 0-2000 3.37, 0-50 1.43.  Had I run it as Open and 0-2000 only, the awards would have been Open 2.67, 0-2000 4.64.

With Flighted Swiss permitted as Club game, Club Championship, Fund Game, Club Appreciation, Membership Game, Unit Game and all other ACBL tournament levels, I don't understand the STaC difference.

Thoughts please.

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