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Standard Exclusion???

A partnership plays 1430 keycard and 0123 exclusion. They have discussed DIPO and DOPE over keycard, but nothing not over exclusion. 5 is agreed as exclusion in hearts. In the competitive auction where RHO makes a bid

1 (3) 5 (bid ?)

When the opponents interfere, through what do exclusion interference responses apply? 

Comment whether opener is allowed to skip exclusion to comment about the slamworthiness of her/his hand. If so, at what level?

DOP1 until 5, then DEPO until 6
DIPO until 5, then DOPE until 6
DOP1 until 5SA, then DEPO until 6SA
DIPO until 5SA, then DOPE until 6SA
ça dépend

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