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Stratification Issue

TheEBUhastwo ranking systems:

National Grading System: performance based

Masterpoint Grade: lifetime achievement

Each year the EBU operates a Ranked Masters Pairs event where competitors play in sections basedon masterpointgrade. More recently an NGS qualification has been added to allow high performing pairs to play at a higher rank than theirmasterpoints would qualify them for. For example: any one graded an Ace on the NGS scheme (61% or above) can play in the Grandmaster's Pairs which used to require a player to haveaccrued over 600 greenpoints (no mean feat). This seems eminently sensible.

Where things get a little strange though is that a pair who would qualify for the Grandmaster's Pairs played inthe 'B' flight at therecent Summer Congress, particularly as one of them has previously represented his country in the Bermuda Bowl!

It would appear sensible to attach an NGS qualification to the stratification criteria. E,g. For the B 'flight' you must be below Premier Life Master and be rated at most a Queen on the NGS (this correspondsto the entry criteria for the Ranked Masters).

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