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Strong Club System With Reasonable MP Utility

So Yu and I want to experiment with a Forcing Club system.  As proposer in chief regarding this system, I am working with the following general agreements (so far):

Forcing 1 opening = 17+ Bal. or 16+ Unbal.

1 Opening = Out of Range NT or a limited opening hand with some kind of holding (maybe 4 with possibly a longer MAJ or maybe whatever)

1MAJ Opening = I am leaning toward 4 card MAJs especially for MPs (and we really don't want to have two systems), but this will require major revisions to our current. 2/1, 1 MAJ agreements.

1NT = 10-12/13 NV 1, 2 and 3 or 13/14-16 otherwise.

2 = with all of that, this should be 6+ s or it would fit somewhere else.

Can someone point me toward someone else's fairly definitive work on 4 card MAJ openings, the responses thereto and handling the canape ambiguities that can arise? I will evaluate and propose/adopt our own agreed best treatments, but I want something to start from and use as a base.

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