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Structure and organisation of clubs

For the BAMSA research project (Bridge: A MindSport for All), our team is trying to understand the different ways that bridge clubs are organised and run in different countries, and how they are linked (or not) to the national bridge organisation. Given most on here are from the US, I'll assume that unless you specify otherwise that you are referring to the US, but please indicate your country if that's not the case.

Possible questions include: can anyone set up a bridge club and what's required to do so; are clubs privately owned/run; do they tend to work on a business model or do any have charitable status; do most clubs rent/lease space or have their own premises (if so, how); what is the relationship between the club and the ACBL/National Bridge Organisation (NBO). What are the challenges and opportunities that face bridge club managers?

Also are there differences between regions/districts or between rural/urban areas? What other factors are involved that would be helpful for us to understand when researching the provision and organisation of bridge? Many thanks. (please note that if we use any of the responses in our work, we will remove identifying material and won't use your name)

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