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Stuffed by UI

My partner is West and declarer in 4x and the lead is in dummy.

She leads a small diamond which is first ruffed by South, who quickly says "I didn't mean to play that" and substitutes a small diamond. (The heart is now a major penalty card).

North wins with the A, thinks for  a while and returns a spade which concedes the contract. A diamond return would have been obvious without the UI and takes the contract down.

I congratulated my opponent on his ethical behaviour; his partner said that she wouldn't have expected anything less.

I mentioned it to the TD and suggested that if they have any spare wine prizes...


The TD told me they had another candidate. Declarer in 6 claims the last 4 tricks which is accepted. Later on declarer realises that they can't make the last 4 tricks and asks for a score adjustment.


Nice game Bridge.    (sometimes..)

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