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Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1 or 1

Pards and I use some conventional advances so that we can show a limit raise* of our 1M overcall below 2 of our suit when further competition makes 2 of opener's suit unavailable for the 2-level cuebid. We also play 2 as Drury after 1M (X), regardless of opener's seat.  A hand from last night got me wondering whether we could do better when the opps overcall our third seat 1M opening.  Our third seat can be light, and may be a 4-bagger, so avoiding the 3-level while showing support would be really helpful.  I'm interested in hearing ideas and experiences about how people handle this problem.

The simplest case is P (P) 1 (1) (P).  Here, we could play 2 Drury at the cost of our natural club bid.  It occurs to me, however, that it may actually better to use 2 as Drury, since a negative double could be either both minors or just long diamonds**.

Things get a lot more complicated when the opps overcall at the 2-level. A little poking around on the web brought me to an interesting article by Jeff Goldsmith, entitled Drury Doubles .  It's not clear to me that it's worth giving up the negative double, or that there's a way to have our cake and eat it, too, with a 2-way double, but if anyone has figured this one out, or has experience with Drury Doubles, I'd love to hear it!

* 3 cards for us, since we use 2NT with 4+

** we don't play a weak 2D, so responder can still easily have a hand with long diamonds

Please select up to 4 choices.

I play 2 and/or 2 as Drury when a third-hand 1 is overcalled by 1
I play double as Drury when a third-hand 1M is overcalled at the 2-level
I have other methods to show a limit raise below 2M when a third hand 1M is overcalled at the 2-level (please describe)
I just use the cuebid of overcaller's suit to show a limit raise (or to show a 3 card limit raise if using 2NT as a 4+ card limit raise)
Other (please describe)

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