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Suggestion for ACBL: pay extra for pre-dublicated boards in non-preduplicated board events

I like KOs and Swiss, but I also like pre-duplicated boards. I'm not sure what the cost is for an extra set of pre-duplicated boards, but I'd happily pay the equivalent of the extra fee for a fifth player on the team to get pre-duplicated boards in a non-preduplicated board event. Or in an event where the top X tables get pre-duplicated boards, but everyone else shuffles.

To test the market, you could hold an online auction benefitting the ACBL education foundation for one set, then more. You could limit to pre-bought entries 24 hours in advance at Bridgewinners to avoid duplication of duplication.

(I also think pre-duplicated boards should be compulsory for finals of top bracket regional KOs.) 

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