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Suggestion/volunteering: An "Article of the Year" award

Until recently, I came to BW to read the interesting discussions of bridge play. I learned whose opinions I generally lined up with. I learned enough to consider a couple of different bidding systems. I asked for advice, and got a lot of it. I found mentors and fellowship.

Recently, of course, I've come here to mourn. I have found the scandals endlessly disturbing. I try to remind myself that I'm not a young boy, yet I still find myself like the one in the famous (admittedly, only in the US) story, coming up to Shoeless Joe Jackson after the grand jury hearing where he and his teammates were accused of throwing the baseball World Series, saying, "Say it ain't so, Joe." I don't want players I enjoy following to be cheaters. I am sad for their teammates, who believed in their honesty. I am sad for bridge. 

And then I see an article that reminds me how much I love this game and why. I see an article that presents some interesting position and makes me think about how to approach these types of problems. And, in a small but important way, I'm changed.

I'm reminded that this site has had many of those articles. Kit's Korner, almost weekly, exposes me to top level bridge thought in a way I'm unable to do myself. Steve Weinstein's article a few years ago on major suit raises changed how I approach raising on 3 pieces after 1m-1M (I do it less now than I used to, but I know why). Gavin Wolpert's article on handling a precision 1 helped me think about the Precision system I was building at the time. Of course, the late Henry Bethe gave me a wonderful view of a different kind of analysis. And recently, Nicolas Hammond's statistical examination of declarer play and defense issues has explained both the process and the dangers of using statistical analysis to identify outliers. Over and over, I find that this site exposes thought processes of which I was aware, but which I didn't grasp. 

And I realized that we need an "Oscars" for this site. Perhaps different categories, but we need to recognize the articles we all read and were influenced by. Bridge administration. New ideas in bidding or declarer play. Excellent analyses of different propositions. 

So I humbly suggest that we consider, at year end, starting a thread or series of threads offering recognition for the great work some people do on this site. If you're interested in helping, please DM me.

Besides, this might make Greg Humphries a two-time Oscar winner!

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