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Superaccepts over 1NT or 2NT with 3 trumps

It is fairly standard to superaccept a transfer to major after 1NT-2red-  with a maximal hand and 4 trumps, depending on  how you define maximal.  This works for any range 1NT but let's use the most common 3 point range, 15-17, as an example.  Yes I know many superaccept with modest hands and 4 trumps, but let's stick with"maximal" here.  This also occurs over 2NT where the common range 20-21 is only 2Hcp, so less variation between maximal and minimal/modest.

The purpose of this poll is to determine reader proclivities regarding superaccepts with very maximal hands but only 3 trumps.  A good example might be KQx xx AKxx AJxx when partner has transferred to spades.  (If you would have upgraded, make the hand slightly weaker.)

Similarly, you might superaccept after 2NT-3red with 3 strong trumps, prime values, maximal etc.

please use the following poll to reflect your views.

Never superaccept with only 3 trumps, either 1NT or 2NT openings
Superaccept with 3 trumps after 1NT but not 2NT opening.
Superaccept with 3 trumps after 2NT but not 1NT opening
Superaccept with only 3 trumps after either 1NT or 2NT openings
Other. Please elaborate.

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