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Supporting the USBF & WBF

A   I am an ongoing active member of the USBF @$50/yr

B   I routinely check the box on my ACBL membership renewal for $1.95 to the USBF

C   I think every ACBL member should contribute to the WBF with $1 of their ACBL membership

D   I think ACBL members should be able to choose whether or not to pay $1 of their membership fee to the WBF

E   Our obligations to the WBF should come from the International Fund passed through our NBO: the USBF


The last audited USBF financials on their website are from 2013.  The USBF has roughly 250 active members and it appears this number hasn't changed much in a decade.

About 15-16,000 ACBL members add 1.95 to their ACBL membership renewal to support the USBF

A,B,& C
A,B,& D
A & C
A & D
B & C
B & D
D & E

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