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Suppose you are 5-4 in - w/ 18+ points

Suppose further that you do not have a four-card major.

Playing 2/1, would you open this hand 1 just so that you can make a 2 reverse bid later to show your strength or would you just open your longer minor ()?

I ask because I was dealt such a hand the other day.  I chose to open 1 so I could reverse but was curious what others think and why.

Note that this is the opposite of a more common dilemma that I did a poll on previously (, which is when you're 5-4 in - but are too weak to reverse.

Any thoughts?


UPDATE: I now realize (before any comments even went up) that I easily could just bid diamonds and then make a jump-rebid in clubs.  So actually, my view is I was wrong to open to 1.  Oops!  If moderators want to junk this post, that's fine by me.  :-/

I would open 1
I would open 1
Other (please explain)

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