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System Notes and Online Play

Should a player be able to look at their system notes when playing online? The question has been discussed in a number of forums but is deserving of a poll (as Debbie Rosenberg suggested.)  No doubt that the conditions of contest should be clear and each organizer has the discretion to decide.  The purpose of this poll is to explore the "theory" of allowing looking.

As I see it, the arguments in favor are:

1. To not allow looking is unenforceable.  The law abhors unenforceable rules.

2. People are playing with many different partners these days.  Looking at system notes makes the play more enjoyable.

3. These are not serious events.  Before a major championship, many pairs take time to study their notes.  The effort is not justified here.

4. It avoids misinformation.

5.  It really isn't fun to defend a 3-2 fit. We want to play against good opponents playing reasonable contracts.

6.  This is a time of experimentation.  Using written notes facilitates experimentation.

7.  These events are for practice.  Looking at notes is one of way of learning them.


The arguments against are:

1. Notes are an aid.  Aids should not be allowed.

2. It does not reward players with good memories.  Memory is an important element in bridge.

3. It may slow down the game (and it may not be possible to discern that the slowdown was due to looking at notes.)

4. It could result in the proliferation of complex methods that would be too difficult to play if one could not look at notes. (Justin's point.)


Should one be allowed to look at their system notes while playing in an online event?


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