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System over Strong 2

I'm looking for top players to tell me what system they use over a strong 2 bid.  Where a choice is for "controls", K=1 and A=2.  I usually play #2 but sometimes #4. 

2 unless I have a constructive bid, such as KQxxx and 8 HCP
2 weak, no A or K and less than some number of HCP (usually 4)
2 weak, no A or K, any number of Q and/or J
Controls: 2=0, 2=1, 2=3, 2NT=4
Controls: 2=0 or 1, 2=2, 2=3+
Controls: 2=0 or 1, 2=2, 2=A and K, 2NT=3K
2 waiting, second bid can show a bust
Some other control-showing system
Some other non-control showing system

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