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Tactics unrelated to bridge skill at the table

In a full day KO match in Atlanta (which my team ended up losing), the unpleasantness at the table seemed to increase as our opponents fell behind.  Here is some of what occurred in the latter part of the match (and yes, in hindsight, I see that my partner and I should have asked about seating rights, but I think we thought it would seem churlish, when we were up about 40 imps going into the last quarter).  We played against the same pair for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters.  The following occurred mainly in the 4th quarter:  

Psyching a lead-directing bid opposite a Weak 2 Opener, to try to put us off finding a slam in that suit (we got to game).

Making weird bids like directly overcalling 2 NT over my 2 Spade opener with 14 HCP and 5 hearts.

Having an auction that went as follows:  RHO:  1 Spade/I passed/LHO:  4 Spades.  My RHO then leaned to the left and mumbled something in my direction.  He did not pull out the Alert card.  My partner bid 4 NT over 4 Spades, and ended up going for 1100.  Later, we found out that the direct 4 Spade bid showed 10+ HCP.  The mumble may have been intended as an Alert.

Acting naive when asking detailed questions about our hands, going beyond information such as our agreements, and saying things like:  "Don't you have to tell us?  Isn't that what bridge is about?"  Well, no -- we need to explain our agreements.

And, a few boards before the end of the match, in the middle of a hand, a kibitzer who is a very experienced player, suddenly and loudly came to the table:  "Oh, hi guys!  How's it going??"  Loud and hearty greetings were exchanged among the 3 of them.  Then, I made a comment about this being distracting, and they said "Oh, you don't want a kibitzer?"  Again, I should have said something, but didn't know whether I had a right to say anything.  

So, while it is easier in a way to sweep this sort of stuff under the rug, maybe it is better to expose it to the light of day.  I was on the verge of calling the director several times, but never did.




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